Energy Star & Certified Green Homesite Evaluations

Before you build, evaluate.

The diverse, natural landscape of Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina presents unique challenges for homebuilders. Some of these challenges, like steep grades and ravines, are clearly seen. Others, however, require a highly trained eye and a specialized set of tools to be uncovered. The bottom line for landowners is simple: a solid understanding of a property goes a long way towards preventing floor plan conflicts, construction delays, and unexpected costs down the road.

That’s why Sundog Homes is offering free, no-obligation homesite evaluations for both current and prospective landowners. Our Energy Star and Certified Green builder will spend up to 2 hours inspecting the land of your choosing, and will then help you to determine the floor plan and home placement that best suits both your property and your budget.

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  • You’re currently looking for land in Western NC or Upstate SC, OR
  • You own undeveloped land in Western NC or Upstate SC, AND
  • You plan to build on your land within the next 12 months

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