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The 5 Most Popular Homebuilding Trends of 2023


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Have you ever gone to a friend's new house and said to yourself, "Why can't my house look that good?" Is it your greatest dream that an HGTV personality will show up at your door and gift you with a brand new house? Are you ready for a new home, but don't even know where to start?

Building a home from the ground up lets you tailor it to fit your family’s lifestyle. With so many choices to make and keep track of, it’s important to choose a builder that's organized so that you can focus on the fun stuff. Based on conversations with industry experts as well as our own clients, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular custom home trends of the year.

See a Little Light


One of our top plan upgrade requests is to add more windows. No matter what direction your home is facing, windows are a great way to bring in more light. And if you have a great view of mountains, lakes, or rolling farmland, it’s even better to have more windows through which to view it all.

Be Flexible

With more people working from home than probably any other time in history, rooms which serve more than one purpose are in high demand. According to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) analysis, millennials and Gen Xers prefer more bedrooms and are also interested in exercise rooms and home offices. Another poll by the NAHB found that 80% of people they surveyed wanted a home office.

Don’t want to commit to using a spare bedroom as a dedicated office? That’s where flexibility comes in. Consider building a kitchen with extra counter space that can double as a workspace, or specify sections of an attic or basement that can be used for a yoga practice, kids’ playroom, or music recording studio.

Move Out

Along with flexible indoor spaces, many new home buyers are looking for ways to expand their living area outdoors. According to the NAHB, “The percentage of single-family homes with patios has risen to 63% as more emphasis has been placed in outdoor living in recent years.” Three- or four-season covered patios that utilize natural light and keep the elements out while letting the fresh air in are gaining in popularity - especially when fireplaces and/or ceiling fans are incorporated into the design.


Outdoor kitchens equipped with grills or even pizza ovens, patio bars, and conversational seating allow hosts to interact with their guests without missing out on the activity outside. Plus, the views of the mountains of Asheville and Western North Carolina are sometimes the biggest draw for building here, so why miss out on all that natural beauty by staying indoors?

Don’t discount the value of a front porch, either. Not only does a rocking chair porch add curb appeal to a home, it provides yet another outdoor living option. Home buyers across generations have increased interest in exterior living, according to the NAHB, with millennials indicating a specific interest in front porches.

Paint It Black

House-with-black-exterior Although some homeowners do opt for black siding or other exterior elements, the majority of people building new homes do not. However, a few pops of black here and there can really make your home stand out.

A white house outfitted with black exterior window frames, shutters, gutters, roofs, and entry doors makes a bold statement in an otherwise neutral palette. Black conveys a sense of style and sophistication in building design. Not into the goth look? Charcoal gray can elicit the same effect without the drama.

Farm It Out

up-dog-1 A trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is the Modern Farmhouse layout. Typically a larger home with white siding, a Modern Farmhouse incorporates vertical board-and-batten siding, gable roofs with gable brackets, flat trim details, and darker contrasting shutters, window sashes, and roofs. Another common element of the design is a large covered front porch, flanked of course by rocking chairs. It’s a clean, classic, and simple style that fits in with most neighborhood aesthetics.

Design With Us!

Whatever decisions you make about your new home, we’re happy to help make it a reality. We go over every step of the process with you, and if you want something we don’t currently offer, we’ll make sure to get it for you. Start your homebuilding journey today by contacting us.

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