How to Use Our Interactive Floor Plans

View the Plans

main tabs area of interactive floor plan tool

Click the tabs to see each level of a Sundog Carolina plan. The tab labeled “Exteriors” will display the various options that are available for the exterior elevations of the plan.

Choose Standard Options

If you look at the panel on the right side of any of our interactive floor plan tools, you’ll notice these three main icons. The first icon when selected will display all the standard options available for that particular plan. Simply check the box next to the option you’d like to see and watch as the added option appears on the floor plan itself in red. To remove an option you’ve already selected, just uncheck the box.

Furniture Placement

The furniture icon when selected will display a long list of furniture items. Once you’ve found the piece of furniture you’d like to place, simply drag it from the panel directly onto the floor plan.

save furniture

Click and hold the blue arrow icon to rotate the piece of furniture. Once you have the item where you want it, click the small blue disk icon to save it. If you need to delete a furniture item, click it, and then click on the blue trash can icon to make it disappear.

The settings tab is to the right of the main house plan tabs. When you click the settings tab you’ll see a drop down menu item with a checkbox that reads “Labels”. This option allows you to remove the room names and any other labels from the plans. The main reason you might want to uncheck this box is if you’re having fun experimenting with furniture placement and you’d like to clear out everything that’s not furniture.

Example of the interactive floor plan tool for reference.

IFP example